Sunday, June 9, 2013


This weekend is the first weekend of "summer vacation." What am I doing at the beginning of my summer vacation? Creating a new blog (this one right here!), getting new ideas for next school year, and doing the dreaded chores that have been waiting for me for the past few months. I know it's extremely exciting!

So, what exactly is the intent of this new blog? Well, as a middle school teacher and blog lover I've noticed that there seems to be fewer blogs devoted to middle school than to elementary school. Elementary school teachers have all these great ideas for their classrooms for organization and work happening in their classes. Middle school teacher blogs are harder to come by. I'm hoping this will be a valuable resource for people looking for classroom organization ideas and to show off the awesome things my kids do!

The plan is set. The hard part starts now. My dedication to writing and posting has to gear up and continue! The laundry is done and the baby is waking up. Time to get back to summer vacation.

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