Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Reading

As week 1 of summer vacation winds down, I'm looking around my house and I see this brown paper bag. I know I brought it home with me from school at some point while cleaning my classroom but can't remember what's inside. I look. Oh yes... books I need to read this summer.

Summer Reading!

Four of these books are part of a collection of books for the American Revolution themed book club we will be doing next year. The Notorious Benedict Arnold, The Fifth of March, Or Give Me Death, and Chains. They will be paired up with Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. Our kids loved Woods Runner the past couple of years. Hopefully, we will have just as much luck with these four novels. 

Reality Check by Peter Abrahams was recommended by some of my students last year. The best that they could describe it was "Mrs. Bush, this is a really good book! I would read it again." Now, if my 8th graders are telling me they would read it again then I definitely need to check this out. 

The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander was also recommended by my kiddos. They liked it because it was funny. I started it (noted by the green flag) but I got sidetracked by the other things going on during the end of the year madness. I have to agree with them that so far it is quite humorous!

I'm really looking forward to reading The Sunflower. This year we used The Sunflower in my PreAP Language Arts class as part of The Holocaust book club study. It reminded me of the book The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult (my favorite author ever!!). The first half of The Sunflower is a story of a dying Nazi asking for forgiveness for the crimes he committed during The Holocaust. The remainder of the book is commentary from different authors and individuals about their thoughts on the situation. 

The final book, Bounce, a colleague of mine recommended. It's non-fiction. It takes on the idea of talent vs. practice and what sets people who are successful apart from those that aren't. I thought it might be an interesting read. 

I suppose I have a lot of reading to do and I guess I better get busy!

Oh! I've also finally linked up with Farley. Here's my June Currently!

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