Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pinterest vs. eduClipper

First let me start by saying I adore Pinterest. I have the app on my iPad and iPhone. I check it religiously in the morning, noon, and night. I can't get enough of it. Then, along comes a website called eduClipper. Oh what's this? You know the categories on Pinterest? The one specifically called Education? Well, this is it. An entire website of all Education themed what they call clips. Obviously, they can't call them pins.

Screenshot of eduClipper

eduClipper works the same Pinterest does. You create clipboards and pin education related sites, documents, links, etc. to the clipboards and share them with the masses. The nice thing about eduClipper is you can create classes and have your students enroll and view specific boards you've designated for them. I can see this being extremely helpful when you're wanting to share documents or videos with them for a unit of study. The only thing I see missing right now is that there is no app. I'm a little obsessed with apps for my iPad and iPhone.

All in all, will I be abandoning my Pinterest for eduClipper? No way! I can't. I'm addicted. Will I be using eduClipper for my classes? I can definitely see using it next school year and trying it out with my 8th graders. It might be a hit! If you've used it successfully I would love to know how you've done it. Leave me comments below!

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