Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 1! Whew!!

Day 1 is officially over! Teething baby, first day madness, 12 hour day, and now no voice, but it's all over and time to {try} and rest for tomorrow. Hopefully, my voice will be able to rest tonight and I'll have a voice to talk with. I've lost my voice at the end of the year but never after the first day!

Even after all the things going against me, this has really been a good day! You know it must be a good day if I can put the baby to bed, watch a little Real Housewives, and blog for a bit.

I have an amazing group of students this year. They are so enthusiastic and ready to go! I want them to keep that enthusiastic spirit even after the first week goes away and we really get down to business. I told them that they were going to be blogging this year. I could see some expressions of fear but there were also glimmers of piqued interests and real interest in what this is all about.

We ended the class today with an ice breaker that I found called "I Mustache You a Question." (If this is yours, I want to give you credit so please contact me! I can't remember where I got it!!) The kids loved it! I can't tell you the number of excited little squeals when I started passing out mustaches.

The idea is the student reads the mustache to their group (I had them get in groups of 3). The other two members answer. Then after everyone has had a chance I had them introduce each other to the class, read their question, and share the other person's answer. It was a pretty low risk activity. The questions aren't even personal questions about themselves but questions like "What does Santa smell like?" and "If you could be the cafeteria chef for the day, what would you serve? Why?" You can't help but smile when you read these!
 photo 1810ED83-FD85-42B0-AF30-17E8EFC4E240-3098-0000016D05F2C534_zps83217239.jpg
That's all I had time for today! I introduced myself, my class, and played the game! Whew! Maybe this is why I have no voice. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow! Have a great week everyone.

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