Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Naptime Means Time to Blog

So, it's naptime at my house. This means I potentially have two hours of time to get something done. This could also mean I have as little as 45 minutes. Come on two hour stretch!

Since I spent last week on vacation I feel very out of the blogging world. I didn't read blogs (gasp!) or post anything. As a result, I'm reading posts this week and coming across about a bazillion things I want to do which is nearly impossible. BUT I did place an order today for the Stack-On 22 Drawer Storage System for... the Teacher's Toolbox!
Practically everyone has blogged about this. Directions for this can be found on a million blogs. I logged on to ebates (my go-to website for attempting to get money back from online purchases- and I make a lot!), typed in Lowe's (3% back!), searched the Lowe's website for the Stack-On 22-Drawer Storage System, and then added it to my cart. After Baby Girl wakes up from her nap and eats something I'm going to take her on over and we're going to pick it up. Under $20 people! Hopefully, I'll be able to work on this during naptimes this week and have it ready for next week's Made It Monday.

I'm trying to buy as much as I can this week for the classroom since my husband wants to talk on Sunday about a "budget." Does he not realize it's Back to School season?? A budget doesn't really fit with this. Off to take a shower before BG wakes from her nap.

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