Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Currently and a FREE Reading Log!

Today I'm linking up with Farley for July's Currently! I feel like I'm late to the linky party since it seems like every other blog I read has already posted. Oh well! Today's the first day that I've had a chance to really sit down and gather my thoughts. I'm also linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It (I know it's Tuesday :-/).

This past weekend, we've had family visiting, Avery's swim lessons, and then just normal every day life! I've been trying to make sure I have everything we could possibly need (ha!) ready to go to the beach next week. This will be the first vacation for Avery and our first big vacation away with Avery as a family. It will definitely be an adventure! I also released control of things and let my husband make the reservations and the plans. 

So, let's talk about July's Currently:

LISTENING: I'm listening to the Wendy Williams Show while I blog. I pretty much have the TV on when I'm in the house to keep track of the time of day. Silly I know. I'm not even watching it.

LOVING: I love the time I get to spend with Avery this summer. We've been going shopping, to the pool, playing games, and going for walks. She is so much fun at this age (7 months). I could talk and brag about her forever.

THINKING: I can't help but think I need to get organized for next week. I'm trying to make sure I have everything I need. I guess we'll find out next week if I was successful or not. I can't imagine why I'm going to need 10 spray bottles of sunscreen, but you never know! 

WANTING: I went ahead and did it. I ordered the Erin Condren lesson planner. It shipped last week and now I'm just waiting for it to get here. I. Can't. Wait. Any. Longer! Hopefully it'll be here today. I just love stationary and office supplies.

NEEDING: Well, I'm taking care of one part of the needing. I finished The Book Whisperer and am currently reading Or Give Me Death by Ann Rinaldi. It's young adult historical fiction about Patrick Henry's family during the time of the American Revolution. It's told from his daughter, Patsy's, point of view. The way Ann Rinaldi writes through Patsy's perspective really teaches you a lot about Patrick Henry's family and what all was going on during that time period. I'm only on Chapter 5 (hence the reason for the needing category) but it's a pretty easy read that's holding my attention. Now, I just need to read it!

TIPS/TRICKS/HINTS: For my tip, I would say never be afraid to share what you've created. I used to think "Oh, no one's going to want this" but now I think "Share! Share! Share!" As a result, I created a new reading log to use in my classroom this year. I was inspired by what I learned in Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer. She gives her students a goal of 40 books to read. Our school's goal is 25 books, but I wanted to give my students an idea that 40 books is totally doable! I made this reading log and printed it over at one of my favorite printing places, Vistaprint, as a rack card. It's about 3.75"x 8.25". They're perfect for bookmarks. You can download for FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Thanks to Lovin' Lit for the free Chevron frames I used in the reading logs.

Whew! That sure does seem like a lot. Have a great week everyone! Enjoy the Reading Log. I'm going to start trying to get organized for this beach trip.

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