Thursday, July 18, 2013

Progress is Good!

I never made it to Lowe's yesterday. Naptime yesterday didn't quite go as planned- the whole day. Scarlett O'Hara said it best, "Tomorrow is another day." Anyway, I went to Lowe's after BG's nap today (3 hours!!!) and picked up the Stack On Storage System Drawers. They were smaller than what I pictured in my mind but somehow relieved they were. As many people who have blogged about their Teacher Toolbox have done I knew I needed to spray paint it because the navy blue wasn't going to work for me.

BG and I ran some other errands somehow stopping at Dollar Tree, but being so overwhelmed and not really having anything in mind, and walking out empty-handed. On the way home, I started thinking I don't have the colors I needed to fix up the toolbox. My room is black and gold (yellow). Disappointed I continued home. I wasn't about to go back to Lowe's with the baby right then to browse for spray paint. Last week's accidental turn down Bourbon Street in New Orleans at 9 o'clock at night was enough questionable mom behavior. I don't need looks about the amount of spray paint I would buy. What can I say? I like the colors spray paint comes in!

We get home. Feed her. Change her. Put her down for another nap. Then the toolbox is all mine. I look and see what colors of spray paint I want. I have gold! Now mind you this is like metallic gold. This gold will not match my room. However, I can always repaint AND I'm pretty sure I can convince my middle schoolers it's a special supply box that they're not allowed in because it's a special color.

So, here's what I have so far. It's painted. I haven't done the labels yet. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do on those. Oh, be careful with spray paint. Don't remove any white doo hickey things from the nozzle. If you do your paint job will be really bad and paint will leak on your skin and you will begin to feel like a gold covered tin man from The Wizard of Oz. Just a friendly spray painting tip!

The {BIGGEST} news of the day is that I was browsing Pinterest after ruining dinner. What should I see?? Just that Erin Condren pinned my blog thanking me for supporting her!! WHAT?!!??!? I immediately jumped up from my chair, grabbed my planner (it was sitting right next to me) and screamed to my husband that Erin Condren pinned my blog while waving the planner around. He didn't really know what to say because he didn't understand. He also might have been slightly scared of me. Ugh. After I screamed an explanation to him in a voice I don't think I've ever used before. After I explained he was very proud. Just for kicks here is the pin. So excited!

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